From annual aeration to full service lawn care, Mike’s Organic Lawns is your source for a safe and beautiful lawn.

Our wide range of services are designed to take the hassle and guess work out of lawn care. Our friendly professionals are always ready to help you determine the proper services needed for your individual lawn and for your own personal needs.

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[spacer] [accordions] [accordion title=”Weekly Lawn Care” visible=”yes”] When the weekend finally arrives, the last thing that you want to do is mow your lawn. It is time to enjoy the important things in life, or at least the fun things. That’s why we will always have your yard perfectly groomed by the end of the week ready for you to enjoy.

  • Beautiful, professionally manicured lawns increase your homes curb appeal and value.
  • Properly maintained lawns will be more resistant to weed, pest and fungus infestation.
  • Weekly Lawn Care takes the guess work and hassle out of your lawn maintenance; leave it to the professionals.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Soil Testing and Lawn Analysis”] The key to a beautiful lawn is having a healthy, well balanced soil that supports a thick and strong turf stand. Our soil testing and lawn analysis will provide us with the information needed to improve your individual lawn and the soil beneath.

  • Soil testing provides the data needed to make recommendations for proper fertilizer applications and additional soil amendments
  • Soil testing provides insights to correct deficiencies in low and under performing lawns.
  • Soil testing allows us to make recommendations for your specific lawn; not guesses as other fertilizer programs.
  • Soil testing checks for levels of Macro and Micro Nutrients, Secondary Nutrients, Organic Matter and pH.
  • Soil Testing provides us with the information needed to make educated recommendations on which soil amendments would benefit your lawn saving you time and money.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Organic Fertilizers”]If you are looking to have a beautiful green lawn without the use of chemicals our Organic Fertilizer program is for you. Our fertilizers are 100% natural and are safe for your family and the environment. Average lawns up to 5000 square foot are cheaper to fertilizer with Organic Fertilizers!

  • Organic fertilizers provide much needed nutrients to your lawn.
  • Organic fertilizers are slow release to provide extended feeding for your lawn.
  • Organic fertilizers provide natural pre-emergent control of many lawn weeds.
  • Organic fertilizers provide micronutrients not found in traditional fertilizers.
  • Organic fertilizer programs work to improve the soil while feeding the turf.
  • Organic fertilizers do not pollute streams, rivers or lakes.
  • Lawns fertilized with Organic fertilizers are safe to use right after application. They carry no caution words!
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Natural Herbicides”]If you have a few pesky weeds in your lawn but don’t want to use dangerous synthetic pesticides our safe, natural herbicide may be perfect for your lawn. Our natural herbicide will help your lawn achieve perfection while remaining safe for your children and pets.

  • Natural herbicides use safe minerals to control lawn weeds not harsh chemicals.
  • Natural herbicides are safer for your children and pets.
  • Natural herbicides can control many common lawn weeds.
  • Natural herbicides leave no dangerous residue on your lawn.
  • Natural herbicides pose less risk to the environment and wildlife.
  • Natural herbicides do not have the offensive odor like many synthetic herbicides.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”No Mess Compost Topdressing”]Many lawns, especially those of newer homes, have very low levels of organic matter. Our no mess compost topdressing is a great way to add organic matter back to your lawn without all the muddy mess of traditional bulk compost applications. We generally recommend our compost topdressing to be applied once per year or as recommended by a soil test.

  • Topdressing makes all fertilizers work better.
  • Topdressing drops down close to the soil and goes to work right away.
  • Topdressing drops out of sight so the lawn still looks good after we are done.
  • The lawn can be used immediately after Topdressing is applied.
  • Topdressing creates a thicker lawn with no new weed seeds.
  • Topdressing helps to relieve soil compaction.
  • Topdressing reduces the thatch layer which harbors disease and insect pests.
  • Topdressing helps the soil to retain moisture. Your lawn needs less watering to stay green.
  • When combined with overseeding it improves the germination rate of grass seed.
  • Topdressing means we can provide an important service while saving you money.
  • Topdressing adds beneficial organic matter back to your lawn.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Aeration”]Kids, pets and everyday use are all hard on your lawn. Add to that the heavy clay soil found in Nebraska and compacted soil will quickly start causing problems. By adding an annual aeration to your lawn care program we can reduce the impact of compacted soils and make for a stronger turf stand.

  • Aeration helps fertilizers and soil amendments reach the root zone and reduce the possibility of run-off.
  • Aeration helps relieve compaction caused by day to day use.
  • Aeration allows water to penetrate the soil and alleviate puddling.
  • Aeration helps roots to grow deeper creating a more drought resistant lawn.
  • Aeration creates a thicker lawn.
  • Aeration allows soil amendments to enter the soil profile and get to work quicker.
  • Aeration reduces the thatch layer which harbors disease and insect pests.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Overseeding”]Overseeding is an important process for any lawn. Not only does it create a lush and beautiful lawn but it will also aid in the weed and pest resistance of your lawn. If your lawn has not been overseeded in the past three years or it is thin and patchy schedule your overseeding today!

  • Overseeding creates a thick, healthy, weed and pest resistant lawn.
  • Overseeding helps fill in bare patches.
  • Overseeding reduces weed seed germination and chokes out weeds already growing.
  • Overseeding creates a thicker lawn which helps retain moisture.
  • Overseeding will introduce newer varieties of grass which are more drought tolerant, traffic resistant and have an increased resistance to pests.
  • Thick, healthy lawns help lower home cooling costs.
  • Combined with aeration and topdressing, overseeding will turn your lawn into the envy of the neighborhood!
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Gypsum/Limestone”]Spring and fall applications of gypsum or limestone can be very beneficial to turf grass. Both products are a great source of Calcium which is an important nutrient needed for healthy turf and can help increase the weed resistance of your lawn. Application rates and product selection will vary based on the findings of the soil test performed on your lawn.

  • Calcium improves soil structure in heavy clay soils.
  • Calcium helps plants absorb nutrients better.
  • Calcium helps bind organic matter to clay.
  • Calcium can decrease the Sodium content in the soil.
  • Calcium makes excess Magnesium non-toxic.
  • Calcium increases the value of organics.
  • Proper calcium levels help reduce certain weeds.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Lawn Renovation”]Lawns that are thin, patchy and full of weeds may require a full renovation to restore its natural beauty. Our lawn renovation service is a complete reseeding that will take your lawn from bare to beautiful and make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Lawn Renovations are perfect for lawns that have had extensive damage due to drought, heavy use or poor maintenance practices.

  • Lawn Renovations introduce new varieties of turf grass that have stronger root systems, increased pest resistance and lower watering requirements.
  • Lawn Renovations are the perfect time to add any needed soil amendments to the soil.
  • Lawn Renovations will replace older varieties of grasses with improved turf varieties and will leave you with a thick, uniform lawn.
  • Lawn Renovations will thicken weak turf stands providing a more weed resistant lawn.
  • Lawn Renovations are the perfect way to add curb appeal to your lawn.
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